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Hahaha... thank you ^_^
Mon Mar 11, 2013, 2:30 AM
Second shout out cause your awesome XD
Thu Mar 7, 2013, 1:24 AM
yay!!!! *happy dance*
Sat Jul 7, 2012, 5:06 AM
First shout! Just because :D
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I’m a 24year old Australian girl. Scorpio. 175cm. 68kg. My hair colour changes on my whim, currently red-brown. Blue eyes. I’m pale. I've accepted this.

B.Arts majoring in Japanese. Lived in Japan for a total of 3 years. Will be moving back to Australia soon to hopefully study to become an interior designer.

I like to read, say “I’m bored” at least once a day, am slightly crazy, and yet highly inspired. I have endless half finished projects, usually, because I get frustrated with them. I love to draw and play soccer (I’m a back, because I have lots of power, but less aim).

I have eclectic tastes in music. I like everything from hard core screamo, to classical. Hip Hop, rap, techno, r’n’b. I like them all, in any language. Music doesn’t need to be in ones own language to be appreciated, it still evokes emotion and dance. Music is the universal language.

I love my brothers (those guy friends I couldn’t live without) even when I hate them. I love my second family, who consist of another mother and father, one brother and five sisters. And most recently, a little nephew. I love my parents most of all. They have always and will always be there for me when I need them.

Fashion is overrated. So is love. But I can’t help but want and need them. My dream is to own a large house with a big craft room, numerous window seats and a library so that I can curl up reading a book listening to the rain or some music.

But I think I will be happy with whatever I have as long as I find that special someone to share it with.

Not so cute anymore...

Fri Jul 3, 2015, 1:33 AM
So after my last journal about the quest to destroy the Mary Sue… *inspiration struck* and produced this. The first real backstory of one of my characters. Excuse the jumping around in the story, but the following is pretty much a stream of consciousness. yeaaaaah. Enjoy

my comfy room by LadyTakara

Aithne Yamamoto - pronounced AH-n-yah
Gaelic name meaning little flame.


Aithne is a very inquisitive child. She is far advanced in her learning and understands the mechanics of a great many things, this is due to her insatiable curiosity. She wants to know how, when, who, what and most of all WHY? Her brother Takeo, who is also quite smart, is one of the only people who can really tolerate her for long periods of time. He is endlessly patient with her and will take the time to explain how things work to her in detail and if he doesn't know the answer to her questions he will tell her and look it up for her. She knows he never lies to her. She loves him dearly and thinks of him as her most precious thing in the world. (He made a promise to himself after his childhood, that he would never lie to Aithne, but would tell her that he either couldn't or was not able to answer her question if such circumstances were to occur.)

Due to her quest for knowledge, she doesn't really get along with other children her age. They tease her for being a bookworm, or a know-it-all and thus she doesn't really have any friends. She prefers to spend her time around adults, and her brother and her brothers childhood friend Yuri. She thinks that Yuri is quite dumb, but Yuri is an amazingly sweet person and understands people's feelings very well, and is one of the few people who never get frustrated or annoyed with Aithne. So even though she thinks she is dumb, Aithne still quite likes Yuri.

One day when Hoshimi was baby sitting Aithne, they went to visit a shrine. Aithne had of course been asking Hoshimi all about shrines, the history of the one that they were going to and what she would be able to see. Hoshimi doesnt really know how to converse normally with regular adults let alone such a strange child as Aithne, and usually just lets her read any of the books that are within her vast library, and helps Aithne with how to say words she doesn't know, or cannot look up in a dictionary. Thus she is never really “hands on” with Aithne and tends to let her roam as she pleases.

While at the shrine, as per Hoshimi's instructions, Aithne was allowed to wander as much as she pleased as long as she stayed on the shrine's grounds. She found a small shrine that was next to a pond at the far back of the grounds. While there, she came across a magnificent man, with beautiful white hair and ears, a big white fluffy tail, lots of black striped tattoos and the most clear crystal blue eyes she had ever seen. Curiosity getting the better of her, she walked up to him and proceeded to ask him who he was and why he was there.

He told her the small shrine was dedicated to him, Byakko, the White Tiger god of the West cardinal direction. He told her he was surprised that she could see him, as it was a very rare talent and he had never encountered it in someone so young before. After spending quite some time speaking to him, and telling him about about herself, he asked if she would do him a favour. His son, Byakkomaru, had never been to the human world before, and since she knew so much, he was wondering if she would like to play with him and also teach him a bit about the human world.

Aithne immediately said yes, but then grew sad as she didn't think Hoshimi would let another person stay at her house. Byakko said it was ok, and that the only person who would see Byakkomaru was Aithne, and that he didn't need to stay with her at night. They could just play during the day, and that Byakkomaru would be able to find her wherever she was, as the spiritual plane connected with the human plane in many places.

After that, Byakko called out Byakkomaru and introduced him to Aithne. After which, they played for some time under the care of Byakkomaru, and then Aithne returned to Hoshimi's house after saying goodbye. Aithne asked Hoshimi if it was ok for her to go to the shrine every day, to which Hoshimi said ok. It wasn't very far away and the walk there and back was quite short and very safe, so Hoshimi didn't see a problem with it. After that, even though Byakkomaru was an extremely shy little tiger boy, and quite scared of many things in the human world, Aithne and he would play every day, and she would happily tell him all the things she learnt before they met, and while he was not there.

At the shrine all of the priests and priestesses were always happy to see such a vibrant happy child, though could never understand why she continuously talked to herself and seemingly never made any friends. She still is unable to talk to children her own age without sounding like a know-it-all, but also comes across as a snob as well now that she believes she doesn't need any friends now that she has Byakkomaru. 

Humans are so confusing.. by LadyTakara

So yeah… stream of consciousness, as i said. A little more believable now though ^_^
Ah, it feels good to finally accomplish something doll related. 
Be prepared for many more posts like this in the future lol
I'M ON A ROLL NOW!!!!!!!! 

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